The APF Cummings PSYCHE Prize

Co-sponsored by the Nicholas & Dorothy Cummings Foundation and the American Psychological Foundation

In 2004 The Nicholas & Dorothy Cummings Foundation reached agreement with the American Psychological Foundation to co-sponsor the APF Cummings Psyche Prize of $50,000, the first such to be awarded at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in 2007.

The American Psychological Foundation and The Nicholas & Dorothy Cummings Foundation are cosponsoring the APF Cummings PSYCHE Prize, with its $50,000 award, beginning in 2006, with the 2006 and 2007 awards in 2007, and annually thereafter, always at the Convention of the American Psychological Association. The Prize shall be presented at an APF ceremony during the day, and a private banquet honoring the recipient will be sponsored by the Cummings Foundation at a later date in the recipient’s home town.

The purpose of the Prize is to recognize a licensed practicing psychologist whose career and prize application demonstrate a plan to effect significant and enduring contributions to expanding the role of the psychologist as primary care provider, especially as this pertains to the co-location of psychologists as behavioral care providers (BCPs) working side by side with primary care physicians (PCPs) in the primary care setting of organized systems of healthcare delivery. Candidates should have at least ten to fifteen years experience, and must realize that integrated behavioral/primary care is comprehensive, involves co-location of BCPs with PCPs, and is much more than parachuting some disease management into a traditional healthcare setting.

The intent of the Prize is to create a centrifugal force that would encourage the ascendance of leadership by psychology in establishing innovative integrated healthcare delivery systems; and to spur training of future psychologists to become such leaders.


With the 2010 prize, the collaborative effort with the American Psychological Foundation was deemed completed, inasmuch as the APA has now decidedly moved toward espousing integrated behavioral/primary care.

In the Third Iteration of the Cummings Psyche Award, with its $50,000 prize, rather than being awarded annually, it will be given only occasionally to a psychologist who has done something spectacular to advance psychology as a practice, and to restore psychotherapy as the first line intervention in behavioral healthcare. The first such award was presented as follows:

…for the national “Truth in Drugs” Campaign, his founding of the National Alliance of Professional Psychological Providers (NAPPP), and the design and promotion of the Model RxP Legislation.