The Psyche Award

An award for spectacular work

The Nicholas & Dorothy Cummings Foundation has appointed a Selection Committee to go forward with the third iteration of the Cummings PSYCHE Award: Dr. Janet L. Cummings (chair), Dr. Nicholas Cummings, and Dr. Cornelius Cuza (independent member). The Cummings PSYCHE Award will still carry the $50,000 prize, and will be conferred sparingly to a doctoral behavioral care practitioner who has performed spectacularly in the following:

  1. A profound and enduring advancement of psycho- therapy as the first-line intervention in behavioral care (i.e., mental health as behavioral care), and/or
  2. A profound and enduring advancement in the return of psychopathology and psychophysiology to the practice of psychotherapy, replacing the present collection of arbitrary symptoms that comprise the DSM’s current so-called “disorders.”

The key word is “spectacular,” and as such the Award need not be given every year if this stringent criterion is not met in the opinion of the Selection Committee.