Center for the History of Psychology

Center for the History of Psychology (Affiliated with the Smithsonian)

At the University of Akron in 1965, husband and wife Professors John Popplestone and Marion White McPherson founded the Archives of the History of American Psychology. It marked a watershed event for the history of psychology.

Almost a decade ago, following the death of Dr. McPherson and the retirement of Dr. Popplestone, Dr. David Baker became the Executive Director. Immediately he began to fill the gap in professional psychology at the Archives, and in that endeavor solicited the help of Dr. Nicholas Cummings. Through the brilliant and untiring efforts of Dr. Baker and his dedicated staff, on August 28, 2010 there was the ribbon cutting for the opening of the new building for the renamed Center for the History of Psychology.

Through the generous support of many – including Yellow Roadway Corporation (donation of the 4-story brick building), the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation ($3.5 million in contributions), and The Nicholas & Dorothy Cummings Foundation ($1.5 million one-time contribution for which the administrative floor is named after Dr. Cummings) – the Center was opened at a beautiful ceremony that involved both the University and the community.